Machines allowing to group and wrap bags filled with rice, pasta, salt, sugar, powders and grains. According to required production a version can be supplied suitable for receiving from 70 to 120 bags per minute. Another version, named “major“, is available for processing big-sized bags of 5 to 10 kgs.

• Belt elevator connecting a vertical filling machine to the Morbipack, equipped with speed variator and vibrating/pressing unit for settling product inside the bag and blow off the air possibly remained inside, so that bags can be correctly stacked.

• Upper conveyor equipped with speed change drive unit for spacing bags and synchronizing the feeding speed with the subsequent conveyor positioned at a right angle.

• Conveyor positioned at a right angle, with travelling bars, for transferring bags to the stacking station.

• Stacker: with double hopper, allowing non-stop stacking when a ready pack is pushed inside the wrapping machine.

• Pusher under stacker: to push a batch of products beyond the wrapping machine sealing bar, to be wrapped and subsequently heat shrunk.

• Upper & lower reel holding unit with motor-driven unwind system including a set of idle pulleys and jockey rollers for automatic control of film unwinding.

• Sealer unit, with “industrial” type hot bar, piloted sideways by steel cylinders and moved pneumatically

• Sealing temperature controlled by thermo-regulator and sealing time controlled by proper timer in control board.

• Tunnel conveyor in steel wire netting (or slats coated with a silicone sheath) equipped with mechanical variable speed gear-motor for adjusting the conveying speed.

• Heat shrink chamber, duly insulated through mineral wool, equipped with suction fan and further uniform recirculation of the air around the pack in a closed circuit. A set of finned heat resistors provides for air heating. Their location allows quick replacement during maintenance. Air can be directed both sideways and towards a central position under the tunnel by means of special baffles, according to a variety of problems that can arise during shrinking cycle.

• Tunnel heat regulation by means of thermostat limiting consumption, once the operating temperature is reached.

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