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Iso jet soft drink and water

Isobaric Filling Machine for carbonated water and soft drinks

High filling performance

Precise filling levels

No size change-over for PET bottles

User-friendly and low-maintenance

The ISOJET SOFT DRINK – WATER system was designed for filling also at ambient temperatures with innovative special features. Filling takes place at high speed. Size change-over is not necessary for PET containers – only for glass ones.

1) Innovative logic

– Decompression is collectorized in a single point. -The breaking of a bottle automatically triggers the closing of the filling valve, thereby reducing the typical loss of product and CO2 to a minimum.

2) Filling

The high flow capacity filling valves are reliable, easy to disassemble and of extremely simple design.Due to the low number of mobile parts and total absence of dynamic seals, wear problems and maintenance operations have been reduced to a minimum and an extremely efficacious sanitation cycle has been made possible.

3) No more size changeover for PET bottles

The bottles are conveyed at all times, during transfer from one phase to the next, by the “neck” (Melegari Manghi’s patent).For this reason, it is no longer necessary to replace star wheels and guides, nor to make height adjustments on all of the machines making up the filling block.

4) Sanitation

The tank, filling valves and other product contact parts are mirror-polished and slightly tilted to safeguard against dirt and residue and facilitate washing and draining, to be carried out using hot or cold liquid solutions.For PET machine versions, semiautomatic dummy bottles are available on request.

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